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3 Popular Ideas For Adding Stamped Concrete To A Backyard Space

The global decorative concrete market is set to reach a value of $12.78 billion by 2022. That’s partly due to the countless creative options homeowners have when designing their backyard spaces. However, it can be difficult to determine which type of concrete slab restoration service is right for your unique preferences and yard setup. Here are just a few popular stamped concrete ideas to implement in your own yard.

Consider A Decorative Border

While some homeowners might be a little apprehensive about stamped concrete’s potential costs, the truth is that adding a decorative border around an already existing element maximizes your homes curb appeal while minimizing the amount you actually need to invest. And if you don’t like the look that a fully stamped concrete structure can provide, a decorative border can work to create a subtle, designated space for anything from grilling to entertainment and more.

Focus On Small Areas

If you do prefer the fully stamped concrete look, consider investing in just one small area of your entire yard and prioritizing it as an entertainment space. This can also be implemented as an add-on to an already existing border or added as a path or walkway. According to the Houzz’s 2016 Landscaping and Garden Trends Study, approximately 51% of homeowners report wanting pathways as a hardscaping element in their backyards.

“It may seem counterintuitive, but you can add a lot of impact by continuing a stamped pattern from a patio or driveway to walkways and steps. Rather than stamp an entire driveway, consider just doing a border, but then continue that border to nearby walkways, paths, steps, and entryway,” says

Simplify Color

Many homeowners feel the need to go extravagant with colors after selecting an outdoor feature as luxurious as stamped concrete. However, it’s hardly necessary to choose anything but simple, neutral colors unless you have a specific color scheme in mind. Use the colors from surrounding structures and stick to neutral tones when choosing the colors for your stamped concrete structure.

Ultimately, keeping these creative stamped concrete ideas in mind can help you make the very most of the space available in your own backyard. For more information about concrete slab restoration services, contact KansasCityConcrete Concrete.

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