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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor


There are many reputable concrete companies out there, but there are some that do not operate with the best practices in mind. We want your next concrete project to be as successful as possible. Here are some questions to ask your concrete contractor before you hire them to start your project.

1. Can I take a look at the work your company has completed in the past?

A lot of company’s have their portfolios available online, but if your concrete contracting company does not have an online portfolio, ask for pictures of recent projects they have completed. This is a great way to ensure that your contractor can complete the project to meet your standards. If your contractor does not have a portfolio, this is a red flag and you should probably find somebody else to handle your concrete needs to avoid an undesirable outcome.

2. How long will it take to complete my project?

If your contractor cannot give you an accurate time estimate, it may mean you will have to find somebody else to complete the job. You definitely will want to know how long your contractor will be in your space. Just like with most things in life; if the time estimate seems too good to be true, it probably is.

3. What is your estimated price?

Most contractors will ask for a down payment when they begin your project. The initial deposit is normally non-refundable and the contracting company will have you pay the remainder of the cost once the work is completed. If your chosen concrete contractor asks you to pay in full up front, you run the risk of them taking your money and not completing the project.

4. Can I see your proof of insurance?

Asking for proof of insurance is extremely important, but some people looking to have concrete work done forget to ask or don’t look closely at their contract. Your contractor should have two types of insurance on them at all times. The first, liability insurance, protects your property from potential damages. The second is worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance protects you from a lawsuit if a crew member gets injured while on your property.

5. What are your certifications?

Your concrete company should know what MCAA is or hold a general contractor’s license. If they pretend that these certifications do not matter, you should probably walk away and find another company to handle your project. Official certifications proves that the contractor has met industry training standards, knows how to work safely, and is legally allowed to work in your area. An unlicensed contractor may not be aware of important building codes and this could increase the long-term costs of your project significantly.

At KansasCityConcrete Concrete, we complete all of our projects with our client’s best interest in mind and make sure our projects are performed in an efficient, timley manner. We make sure every single crew member on our team has the proper training and certifications needed to complete the job safely and without damaging your property. If you are interested in working with KansasCityConcrete on your next project, click here to fill out our contact form!

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