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Modern Low-Maintenance Flooring

Modern Low-Maintenance Flooring

Concrete is a smart choice when you look at all of the benefits it offers such as low-maintenance, efficiency, and durability, but it also boasts an impressive look once polished. This specific modern look is achieved with, you guessed it, properly polished concrete.

The Popularity of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring in commercial spaces that see a high amount of traffic. Polished concrete is perfect in these environments because it retains it’s sleek modern look regardless of how many people walk on it. It can be manipulated to mimic any color and lasts for decades; this makes it an ideal choice for flooring across the globe.

A Low-Maintenance Flooring Solution

I think we all can agree that the work it takes to maintain most types of flooring can be a pain, but that isn’t the case with polished concrete. It is easy to maintain and keep clean, doesn’t require waxing-we actually discourage it-and can be cleaned with just water or a neutral pH cleaner. You won’t need heavy chemical-laden cleaners to keep these floors looking fantastic. You also won’t have to worry about the risk of mold growth, a common problem among the alternative flooring options. The fact that polished concrete is so low-maintenance makes it perfect for commercial spaces with heavy traffic.

Polished Concrete is Less Hassle Than Epoxy

Epoxy and polished concrete both boast appealing shiny finishes. Although these two flooring treatments can look the very similar, epoxy is significantly harder to maintain. Unlike polished concrete, once epoxy starts to peel, it can become very hard, and very expensive to maintain. Polished concrete will not flake or peel. Therefore it will last longer and be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Epoxy and polished concrete can both be cleaned with water, but epoxy holds on to dust and debris that will require special care to remove.

Another maintenance concern with epoxy is that it does not last as long as polished concrete. Polished concrete can last up to ten years while epoxy’s lifespan is only three to five. It is also more expensive to refurbish expoxy. This can cause companies who use epoxy instead of polished concrete to lose time and money simply maintaining their floors. Don’t get us wrong epoxy does have its benefits, but if we are simply talking maintenance; polished concrete is the superior choice.

A Modern Look Without the Maintenance

If you flip through any interior design magazine, you will see clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and beautiful shiny floors. Gone are the days of ornate carpet and over the top tile, it is overwhelming to look at and the maintenance to keep it up is a nightmare. If your flooring is worn, dated and dirty looking it will be off-putting to patrons, and they are probably not going to be there very long. A modern, simple, and clean space. That is what people want to see when they enter any home or establishment, and that is exactly what polished concrete offers.

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