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Polished Concrete Floors Reduce Maintenance Costs

Polished Concrete Floors Reduce Maintenance Costs

A concrete floor gives any business a professional image and a desirable contemporary aesthetic. This explains why it’s a major trend that’s sweeping across commercial spaces, from retail to hospitality and from healthcare to corporate offices. You’ll find terrazzo, rectangular tiles, and digital graphic applications holding a spot in the recent commercial flooring trends.

One other popular flooring option in the list is polished concrete. This type of flooring is suitable for any site. With advances in pigment chemistry offering sustainability, beauty, and custom work, your business is likely to benefit a lot from an installation of polished concrete in Kansas City. This glistening, attractive floor also requires little maintenance, and with reduced effort in the upkeep, you can expect reduced costs, too.

Cost-Effective Solution

The thing with polished floors is how easy you can clean them. They only need the occasional damp mopping. You can wash such floors using soap and water. There will be no need for drastic measures when cleaning your flooring, thus, lowering your expenses.

This makes the cost-savings of regularly-scheduled floor polishing immediate and long-term. Since the surface is already glistening, you don’t need to spend for the application of messy coatings or waxes

If you have a polished concrete floor, you have flooring that’s more resistant to cracking and wearing down because of high foot traffic. The glossy surface of the floor can stand chemical stains or marks of any equipment.

Rarely will you experience any disruption in your business during the polishing or cleaning up. Why? Well, you won’t have to move around large display cases when you wax and strip the floor. Such floors need very little maintenance but still offer longer service life.

An Eco-Friendly Work Environment

With a polished concrete floor, waxing becomes unnecessary. You can save up in electricity costs. These floors are very energy-efficient, making your workplace eco-friendly.

Its glass-like effect not only gives it a glistening effect but reflects light and heat to lower energy consumption. Despite this, a polished concrete floor remains solid, durable, and very low-maintenance, making it a practical option for event venues, churches, stadiums, and retail spaces.

This type of floor can also resist moisture transmission issues. Its features allow the floor to breathe.

The Polishing Solution You Need

At ACS, we provide concrete polishing and decorative concrete services. This is an addition to our residential and commercial construction and concrete design services. Our concrete polishing and coatings crew serves as one of the country’s finest.

We can do the following work for your floors:

  • Concrete polishing
  • Surface preparation
  • Cementitious coatings
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Coatings of polyurethane

From your home to your business, our design expertise and quality workmanship can work to your advantage.

Our reliable team that makes sure every customer experience is nothing short of excellent. We can provide you with a no-obligation quote on concrete polishing to give you an idea of the affordable rates of our services.

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