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Swimming Pool Design: Which Pool Shape Best Suits Your Taste?

Swimming Pool Design: Which Pool Shape Best Suits Your Taste?

There’s a reason why concrete has become such a common construction material for a wide variety of hardscaping elements; more than seven billion cubic meters of concrete are produced annually, and the material creates a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface that’s very versatile. This is especially the case with polished concrete. Concrete polishing creates a smooth, glossy layer over the existing surface that will last for years with proper maintenance. Here are just a few benefits of concrete polishing.

Concrete polishing is considered a sustainable option because it maximizes the utilization of existing materials as opposed to requiring an abundance of new ones. For example, since many if not most homes and modern buildings are built on a foundation made from concrete, and by polishing the existing concrete floors instead of covering the entire floor in a brand new material requires more energy, and usually, a higher budget. If you consider yourself to be an eco-friendly homeowner, polished concrete may be the flooring or hardscaping option for you.

Easy To Clean/Maintain
It may not seem like it, but once you invest in concrete restoration services, you’ll find that polished concrete is actually very easy to keep clean and maintain throughout its lifespan. It tends to be nonslippery due to its high coefficient of friction. Furthermore, it does not support mold growth like many other surfaces do. To clean your polished concrete surfaces, all you need is clean water or a neutral balance pH cleaning solution.

Finally, unlike many other types of floors and surfaces, polished concrete will never need wax applications — in fact, they’ll only dull the finish.

Finally, once concrete undergoes concrete restoration services, the polished surface that remains can last exponentially longer than other materials. Epoxy, a common material for flooring, lasts between just one and five years before it starts to peel and need repair. Tile floors last a bit longer at between 10 and 20 years. Polished concrete, however, can last a century or longer when it’s properly maintained. It’s truly considered a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Ultimately, understanding the benefits of concrete polishing is the key to determining whether restorative concrete services are right for you. For more information about stamped concrete or other decorative concrete options, contact Kansas City Concrete.

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