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Bill Snyder Family Stadium | Polished Concrete

Renamed in honor of legendary head football coach Bill Snyder by a proclamation of the Kansas Board of Regents on Nov. 16, 2005, Bill Snyder Family Stadium sits on the north end of the Kansas State University Campus. To learn more history, visit

Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas is the oldest public university in the state. Known for its Division I football program, the coveted purple & white “PowerCat” are well-known symbols throughout the country. Bill Snyder’s Family Stadium (named after the Head Coach) holds boxed seats, containing even a Presidential Suite. Using our Husqvarna 680 planetary grinder, ACS polished the concrete of the boxed seat area, starting with metal bonded diamond tooling and working all the way through the polishing process up to 3000 grit resin bonded diamonds.  During this process our crew laid out the stencil of K-State’s well-known PowerCat, and stained the exposed area with scofield formula concrete dye system.  Our company also used the Scofield Formula One Densifier, and Guard. The finished project will be admired (and also trampled upon) by millions.

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